Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Women rule in social media

A colleague recently passed this (thanks Pinky) interesting article on by Brian Solis which shines an interesting spotlight on who is using social media.

Whilst YouTube and LinkedIn remain neutral in terms of an equal percentage of men and women using the site every month, other sites have a greater concentration of women plugging away every month.

Below is the % of each platform's population that females account for:

Facebook - 57%
Flickr - 55%
MySpace - 64%
Ning - 59%
Twitter - 57%

It is interesting to note that the sites above are all 'social networking sites' rather than professional networking and content viewing / uploading sites. I think it is this point that may shed some light on WHY more women use these sites. And this is where I might start to feel the wrath of the female population. Eh, I'm ready for it... Come and get me ladies!

So why is it that women are on social networks more than men? This is why..

1 - Women generally enjoy gossip more than men and therefore like to read what other people are doing on their week ends and who they are hanging out with.
2 - Women love to share their feelings and stuff. So they are naturally drawn to mediums that allow them to do this.
3 - Women get more jealous than men so naturally they want to see what their competition is up to
4 - As a result of this jealousy women always need to be on the look out for new friends!
5 - And most of all - there is no porn on these sites. Game, Set, Match.

Anyone else have any other thoughts?

Monday, April 12, 2010

Bloggers in the Marketing Mix

I was lucky enough to be asked to write a post for www.marketingmag.com.au.

Check it out..