Sunday, May 16, 2010

A creative video for a great cause

I was sent this link this morning. It is an entry for the Young Lions YouTube Ad contest and I think it's so good you should see it too. The creator is a young, budding copywriter, Gavin Chimes from Sydney.

The brief:

In 48 hours create an ad for a charity. The charity is WaterAid - an organisation committed to providing clean water and sanitation for impoverished people around the world. And the way the competition works is like this: Quite simply the ad that receives the most views - wins.

I am a big advocate for supporting the new generation of young marketers and advertisers and I think this is a great effort by Gavin. Creativity needs to be recognised, nurtured and encouraged and thus competitions like this need to be supported by us - the marketing community.

Have a look and if you think it's worth it pass it on!