Monday, August 25, 2008

The Samsung Olympic commerical - Is that rubbish or am I a bad judge of ad?

The Samsung advertisement that ran during the Beijing Olympics was terribley executed but the planners had got off to a great start.. Have a look below.

What a great opportunity to connect with your audience on such a big stage and what a way to blow it.

The planning for this add was teriffic. How do we target our youthful target market during the olympics? Have a cool edgy add that incorporates the sounds of the olympics in a great dance track. The blue print was there but what went wrong? It was a missing a crucial link..

In order to advertise successfully in the olympics a brand needs to bring out its emotional side of it's consumers. It's about penetrating the skin, massaging the heart and leaving the consumer warm and fuzzy. Unfortunately, Samsung's Olympic campaign was about as emotional as an Aussie male at a V8 convention.

As a reult this ad just didn't break through for me. If this blue print went one step further to take advantage of the emotional fabric that make up the Olympic spirit then "imagination" may have "lived".

Sorry I'm Samsung no medals for you. In fact I don't even make it past the heats.


  1. hey mate, welcome to the blogosphere!

    I think you're right, this ad does blow! Everytime I saw it during the coverage (a lot, no thanks 7) I cringed.

    I think more because the "executional" element of it is just so ridiculous and cheesy. The fact that they portray some random guy gathering "LIVE" sounds from the games on his mobile phone and making a "killer" dance track is just so unbelievable, coupled with the over stylized and enthusiastic people who are diggin' it, just leaves the viewer thinking the whole thing is incredibly lame.

    Which it is.

    Shame. But I also think that role of comms in general should also be to penetrate the skin, massage the emotions and leave the consumer feeling "something", I don't think this should be exclusive to the Olympics. This is the goal of every piece of work!! Great first post mate, keep em coming!

  2. Definately agree dude. All comm would benefit from tugging the strings of the heart but I think there are certain times of the year / decade where the cosnumer is generally more susceptable to making an emotional connection with a brand and one of these times is the olympics. So a wasted opportunity for Samsung. Will never buy one again... haha