Friday, September 5, 2008

Can all products be 'environmentalised'?

I was at a friends house last night after he had just returned from the Melbourne Fashion Festival. "What did you see?" I asked. "An environmental fashion show." He responded.

A what??? Honestly, what on earth does that mean?

Apparently the show was marketed like this as it used pre-loved clothes and styled them in a new age way which amazingly gave birth to "an environmentally friendly fashion show". I'm sorry, I know everyone is trying to do their bit to save the world but an environmental conscious fashion show? W.H.A.T.E.V.E.R.

The global warming crisis facing the world is very real and I think too many people are taking advantage of this public soft spot. Hey if you're a company that can reduce your carbon emissions, by all means let everyone know about it because you are genuinely helping to solve the problem. If you're a car manufacturer that can create fuel substitutes which ultimately slows down global warming then please, let me roll out the welcome mat. But a product that recycles clothes so that one less garment is made in China (that'll put them out of business..) which means one less millionth of a cubic pound of electricity is used then you are really not doing much to save the earth.
Marketers really need to think about changing their products in a way that will reduce its affect on the environment or better still modify their product in a way that will help the world. Taking advantage of the global environmental fad and developing an environmental communication strategy to position your product as helping the world when it will won't do a thing
is just selfish marketing.

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