Friday, September 12, 2008

Human Billboards

Anyone who knows my views on successful marketing and advertising strategies knows that I think the key to a successful campaign is pushing the boundaries of convention.

You will NEVER reach your consumers if you take Vanilla ave to Normalville. Brands will never penetrate if they aren't remembered and will never be remembered if they don't break through all the clutter that infiltrates our daily existence. That's why I loved what I read in the MX earlier this week about cranial billboards.
An ailine in New Zealand is offering customers $1000 to shave their heads and have them temporarily tatooted with advertising for viewing at airport check outs.
Superb idea. Not only will these human billboards stand out in check out but they are a walking advertisment for weeks! The'll stop traffic!
Marketing stratgies must be unique to stand out in today's market place and such an idea will do exactly that. Hats off to the boys in NZ for an original idea! Keep em coming!

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