Sunday, March 28, 2010

Yeh Yeh Im iOver-Connected -

Yeh I work in Social media. And yeh that requires a computer and yeh that means I need to keep on top of things that are constantly evolving. So yeh I am connected to an internet source for much of my waking hours.

Yeh friends, I am on my laptop at home in front of the TV watching The Footy Show. And yeh boys, I do check my iPhone every half an hour to see if I have any new emails. And yeh I also use my iPhone for great new applications that help me sleep, get a daily dose of information and waste spare time. Sure I check Facebook often and you're not wrong, I check tweet deck a shitload.

But boys and girls I am not alone as The Courier Mail reported this month.

- the average Australian internet user invests more than two working days on the net every week.

- internet use jumped nine per cent from last year, or an extra 90 minutes each week, and the average Australian internet user now spends 17.6 hours online every week

- Men spent more time online than women, by an average of 3.1 hours, and those aged between 16 and 29 were the biggest internet users at 22 hours per week.

If none of you punks think you have added to this trend then I suggest you better stop reading this on your iPhone and ponder. Yeh Yeh I'm iOver-Connected but I reckon you kids may be heading that way too :)


  1. Guilty!

    I like the masses of information though and continually following, unfollowing, adding and removing to feed to get it just right for the time.

    I am conducting an experiment to not check Facebook (seeing as that is the least work related not including the pages I run) for a week. I have gone to reach for that little blue icon on my phone about 6 times today.

  2. Ha! I gotta say bigger than a Facebook addiction is my iPhone addiction. Turning that off for an hour is like having a session of Bikram Yoga...

  3. I don't work in Social Media and this is me as well! all started when I purchased an iPhone......OMG its I need help...! ha ha

    Gotta go, need to check Twitter via Tweetdeck App.
    ...then my Facebook A/c...LinkedIn.

  4. Michael I think you've nailed it. It all starts with the iPhone and then before you know it you're beeping, checking emails, updating statuses, googling and canoodling every which way! It's a sickness!

  5. Have a good day! Thanks for sharing. :0