Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Brilliant move Gold Coast football club

Not a rant based on social media but one on marketing. This event is one of the greatest and most innovative sports marketing moves I have ever seen.

It has just been annouced in the Herald Sun that the new Gold Coast franchise have signed Rugby League player, Karmichael Hunt to the football club for 3 years. Hunt has played AFL football for a club in his youth and the Gold Coast believe he will add a dimension to their midfield.

What a coup. What a marketing move..

Gold Coast need a drawcard. They need someone with some credibility in the Queensland market to bring numbers to the Gold Coast games. He may not turn out to be the best player in the league but imagine the dollars he will bring through the gate with curious, non-AFL loving Queenslanders coming to check him out. This will ultimaetly (hopefully) get Queenslanders hooked on the game and build the market up there.

I think this is a very impresssive move by the Gold Coast...


  1. It's been said that the club has already made back money spent on the signing.

    I loved the first news report I saw of the deal. When interviewed, Hunt said that he's already good at kicking, handballing and 'catching' a footy. Marking the ball might be next on his list.

  2. Yeh the PR they got our out of the story was incredible. My opinion is if it is going to drive a new market to go and watch the game it has worked as a marketing move, regardless of whether the man can mark!