Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The idea is still king!

This fantastic viral video came across my desk today. So far it has gained over 500,000 hits on YouTube (not bad for an unknown band)with many more surely still to come. We can learn a lot from this execution in terms of how to run a sucessful social media campaign. Some lessons below:

1 - Be unique in your execution. Don't just do whatever everyone else is doing. You won't get much cut through this way.

2 - Create a campaign that will generate some buzz within your social community. One of social media's greatest strengths is its ability to virally get you in front of an expodential amount of people.

3 - The idea is still king. No matter how far the world of marketing has come, this video still shows that great campaigns are the result of great ideas.

Now check this out!

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  1. Hey Kruppy,

    Can you give me the link of this video? I love it!