Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Just who's blogging in Australia?

The blogosphere in Australia has been growing exponentially for the last 5 - 10 years. But only now is a clearer picture of the demographics of those who blog being documented and expressed to the mainstream market. And therefore it is only now that advertisers are being presented with metrics that they can sell in to clients and finally take advantage of this lucrative market.

In Australia according to the Nuffnang database (the only guage of Australian blogs), bloggers are 78% female. This is great news for advertisers especially considering that 70% of the biggest bloggers (ie those who drive the majority of the traffic) are over the age of 25. In other words those who are the most prolifferic bloggers in this country are grocery buyers.

Throw into the mix that these guys are influential and you have a great equation for advertising effectiveness. BlogHer Survey and Compass Partners, 2008 published that over 40% of women consider blogs to be reliable sources of advice and information and 50% say blogs have influenced their purchasing decisions.

As this database grows demographics are certain to change. And of course there are many big bloggers out there that we haven't managed to reach. But for now at least the puzzle is starting to form a bit of a picture.


  1. i'm a malaysian blogger too ;)

  2. How do you get 78% female? Oh my! Well I am female, but 100% does that count? ;-)

  3. Hi Lindy. This data is based on the Nuffnang audience profile from the information provided to us by our bloggers when they sign up.

    We will be launching Australia's biggest blogging survey in the coming months which may provide some greater clarity about just who is blogging in Australia but until then this is the most accurate figure Australia has :)